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Our story

A tent camp. Magical place. Little big freedom outside the usual, thrown back on a few utensils, a few basics and yourself. A place for improvisation. The previously inconspicuous gas stove suddenly delivers unexpected delicacies and develops into the hero of the journey. You have fun being outdoors, fun trying things out, fun in communal interaction.
Such a camp best describes the musical ideal behind Jonathan Zielke's compositions.
Photo by Simon Chmel

Blaue Fabrik, Dresden, May 2018
Together with his fellow musicians Hannes Kempa (saxophone), Neil Richter (double bass) and Valentin Steinle (drums), who met at the Hochschule für Musik "Carl Maria von Weber" Dresden, his lyrical compositions sound different every evening and tell (campfire) stories of distance and nearness.

Jonathan Zielke

Guitar & Composition

Hannes Kempa


Neil Richter

Double Bass

Valentin Steinle